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1: Professional Outbound (MT) Messaging Services - SM...
  ... that arena contains, just connect via standard interfaces to multiple national or international networks with ... software in server center environment Self-service webinterfaces for real-time access to transactions, statistics & ... technical infrastructure via easy to connect standard interfaces. Standard

2: Decentralized content import interfaces in SYNAPSY...
  Decentralized content import interfaces in SYNAPSY's Mobile Content Management System ... Content Management & Delivery   >  Content Import Interfaces     Content Import Interfaces   Imagine a system where you can give self-service interfaces to all of your content providers where they can ... new & high quality content. Main Features Webbased

3: Das dezentralisierte Content Importinterface in SY...
  Das dezentralisierte Content Importinterface in SYNAPSY's mobilem Content Management System ... Content Management und Versand   >  Content Importinterface     Content Import Interfaces Geben Sie Ihren Content Providern die ... bearbeiten und einspielen. Hauptmerkmale Webbasierte Interfaces für jeden Provider Individualisierbar für jeden ... Nutzungsrechte) Mehrfach-Zugänge für ein Producer

4: Webbased Admin Interfaces
  Webbased Admin Interfaces ,Synapsy,Service,Content Messaging,Payment Service ... Content Management & Delivery   >  Webbased Admin Interfaces     Channel Managers’ Admin Interface – extensive tools for full control   Channel Managers’ Admin interface is your easy to use control center – this secured Web

5: Mobile Payment solutions & services by SYNAPSY
  ... also. With open & highly flexible billing interfaces & tools of the SYNAPSY mCMS it is easy to quickly interface with these proprietary or standardized interfaces no matter how they look like. External Payment ... or subscription based offerings the SYNAPSY billing interfaces give you all the freedom to let integrate either ... billing subscriptions mobile subscription payment

6: Automate content adaption & transcoding by SYNAPSY...
  ... & speed up their work, the SYNAPSY Producer Web interface is equipped with an image adaptation engine that ... as an essential part of the SYNAPSY Producer Web interface provides a way to save time & money whilst ... content provider gets its own SYNAPSY Producer Web Interface where still and animated images (as master files) can ... Mobile Content Management & Delivery Webbased Admin

7: Interaktive Nachrichtenanwendungen für mobile Dien...
  ... bestehenden Messaging-Anbindungen In Echtzeit verfügbare und individualisierbare Weboberflächen In realtime Transaktionen und Statistiken per Interface abrufen Leicht kombinierbar mit anderen SYNAPSY-Applikationen. Verwandte Themen Mobile Messaging Mobile Payment Mobile Marketing Search tags ...

8: Zentralisierte Speicherung des mobilen Contents mi...
  ... deutlich schnelleren Update-Zyklen Verwandte Themen Content Importinterface Unterstützte Content Typen Content Aggregation Automatische Contant ... Content Import Content Export Content Pool Unified Storage Interface Content Einspielung     Produkte & Dienste Mobile Applikationen Mobile Content Management und Versand Webbased Admin

9: Professional mobile messaging - Inbound & Outbound...
  ... if you just want to send out individualized newsletters via SMS or MMS to your customers or you have the need to connect to a single performant interface for sending messages into hundreds of international networks whilst saving money through least cost routing capabilities & gain the highest ...

10: Storage mobile contents centralized with SYNAPSY's...
  ... reduction of maintenance & total costs Related topics Content Import Interfaces Supported Content Types Mobile Content Aggregation Automated ... content import content export content pool unified storage interface content submission     Products & Services Mobile Applications Mobile Content Management & Delivery Webbased Admin



Synapsy becomes a new provider for MTS Ukraine branded services

Just two weeks after signing the contract Synapsy Mobile Networks relaunched the branded games...  more

Synapsy Mobile Networks GmbH expands its content and content management services in the three areas of this business.

Technological area

Over more than twelve years in the mobile business, Synapsy...  more

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