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1: Development & management of mobile content portals...
  ... interfaces & PHP SDK's Easy integration into existing discovery channels or setup of new portals in your look&feel Support of WML, XHTML, HTML, VodafoneML, OrangeML & iMode Highest possible flexibility in relation to own selection & naming of content-types, categories & specials/ tops Workflow ... Adaption Mobile Device Management Supported Delivery Ways Mobile Content Mobile Payment Search tags mobile portals WAP xHTML iMode WML OrangeML

2: Entwicklung und Führung von mobilen Vertriebsporta...
  ... und PHP SDK's Einfache Integration in vorhandene oder neue - nach ihren Vorstellungen entworfene - Portale Unterstütztung von WML, xHTML, HTML, VodafoneML, OrangeML & iMode "out of the box" mit automatischer Endgeräte-/ Feature-Erkennung und geräteoptimierter Darstellung Größtmögliche Flexibilität ... Verkaufswege - e-Distribution von mobilem Content Mobile Content Mobile Payment Search tags mobile Portale WAP xHTML iMode WML OrangeML

3: Mobiler Content und andere Professionelle Dienste
  ... Interfaces (QuarkXpress, InDesign) oder der Integration ihrer Produkte auf Vertriebskanälen von Portalen und anderen Anbietern per WML, XHTML, VodafoneML, OrangeML oder iMode - mit den leistungsfähigen und erprobten Systemen und Diensten von SYNAPSY gibt es für nahezu Sie keine Grenzen mehr. ...

4: SYNAPSY Mobile Content Management, Distribution & ...
  ... games JavaME Ringtones Wallpapers video aggregator mobile video handset repository phone detection UAProf detection portal OrangeML portal VodafoneML managed service typo3 extension mobile messaging interfaces mobile content distribution software mobile content provider content aggregation ...

5: Mobile content & content related professional serv...
  ... XML, our solution is able to feed almost any discovery channel/ channel type or MNO's proprietary languages and proxy servers like OrangeML or VodafoneML.  Alternatively we can support you setting up & managing mobile discovery & delivery frontends in your very own look & feel utilizing our own ...



Synapsy becomes a new provider for MTS Ukraine branded services

Just two weeks after signing the contract Synapsy Mobile Networks relaunched the branded games...  more

Synapsy Mobile Networks GmbH expands its content and content management services in the three areas of this business.

Technological area

Over more than twelve years in the mobile business, Synapsy...  more

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