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25.07.08 17:46 Age: 11 yrs

H3G Austria launches Try-Before-Buy games

Austria's probably most innovative Mobile Network Operator 3 (H3G Austria) has launched a Try-Before-Buy mobile games service.

Using SYNAPSY's cutting-edge JarJacket Engine original mobile games of Advanced Mobile Applications (AMA), Electronic Arts (EA), DigitalChocolate, Disney Mobile, Glu, Handy-Games, PlayerX, RealNetworks and VG Mobile (Vivendi) have been equipped with the Try-Before-Buy feature of JarJacket.

Doing this, the mobile games of these well-known mobile game providers can be downloaded for free by H3G users and tested for several minutes before users automatically get the possibility to choose from different purchasing options (buy to own & rent) just via selecting the favourite option. The game just connects automatically to JarJacket's billing and licensing infrastructure and the games will be activated within seconds only - without the need to download a full-version of the game again like done in the past.

Additionally to the Try-Before-Buy feature, each game is equipped with a branded pre-game menu in the look & feel of 3 including a More Games link that leads into 3's mobile gaming portal as well as mobile banner ads that can be changed dynamically via JarJacket's Web based ad-management tool.

Launching this innovative service, 3 Austria is the first Mobile Network Operator to offer such a service in Austria being even more user-friendly in the future by especially targeting such users who have not downloaded mobile games before.

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