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Channel Managers’ Admin Interface – extensive tools for full control


Channel Managers’ Admin interface is your easy to use control center – this secured Web interface is equipped with a wide variety of useful features that are required to have full control over any content item, the Network Operators’ discovery channels and transaction related monitoring and reporting activities.
This interface is directly connected with a Channels’ discovery channel(s) – any settings and changes that are done here can be effective right after they have been done – just in real-time.

As a standard the SYNAPSY system provides you with a “parallel” development area. Any new content item can be tested here before it will be activated in the live environment (e.g. also by an external testing house) – any new work-flow optimization, content positioning, mini-site or text change can be tested here first and can be adapted to the live environment easily afterwards in order to secure clean and clear customer experience without errors in retail channels.
You can decide which rules you are setting here – e.g. games of certified partners can be activated automatically without the need to go through a testing process first.

Key features & benefits:

  • Staging Area enables you to recognize and check any mobile content ingested into the system
    • Get informed about new contents and screen them
    • Check if all required previews and texts have been submitted and if they are correct
    • Change text descriptions or content titles whenever you want or need
    • See full lists of handset compatibilities for each game or application
    • Activate or deactivate any mobile content title instantly
  • Manage prices
    • Based on price points set up in and for your environment you are able to set & change the price of any content just via a drop down menu – usually a default price will be set as soon as a mobile content is activated in the portal
  • Manage genres/ categories
    • New contents will be uploaded into one specific category initially and are visible for you in your interface
    • You are able to re-assign any content title to one or more different genres just via selecting them in a drop-down menu
    • Positions of any game in a certain category can be changed quickly & easily
  • Manage specials/ tops
    • Just like genres/ categories you can also assign or remove any content title to and from predefined specials like “top downloads”, “news”, “recommendations”, “Easter special”,…
    • You can decide the position of all mobile contents assigned to such specials as well
  • Monitor transactions in real-time
    • Any transaction processed in your channel(s) can be monitored in real-time
    • See what has been ordered/ downloaded (content title) from where (e.g. promotion newsletter,…), MSISDNs including their history, who’s the provider of the content, the status of an order (downloaded, installed), what was the price of the content
    • Many useful filters give you all the freedom and flexibility you need to monitor and analyze your transactions
  • Extensive reporting tool
    • See your customizable reports (many filters with the possibility of building correlations between different filters) online
    • Fix structured reports together with SYNAPSY and receive them e.g. by email in the format you need them
    • Download any report via .csv, .xls, or .xml
    • Process reports for you and also for your Content Providers
  • Additional cutting-edge user-/click-tracking and analyzing tool
    • See and analyze what is interesting for your users and build up profiles
    • See in detail where your users are surfing on your portal(s)
    • See where your users are coming from and where they go to
    • Build correlations between visitor data, positioning of games in your portal(s), the categories, specials and the resulting download figures
    • Understand what your users want to have and tailor the service by e.g. improve the navigation or the positions of your games in your portal(s) in order to continuously increase your sales results
    • SYNAPSY has adapted and enhanced for this the latest Urchin engine - one of the worlds’ most enhanced solutions for traffic analysis.

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