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Android Wrapper Solution by SYNAPSY - enhance any Android application or games with extended features by wrapping

Android Wrapper Solution

Equip any original Android application or game with additonal features and services utilizing SYNAPSY’s Android Wrapper Solution


As the leading service provider for wrapping solutions in the JavaME arena with millions of installations per month, SYNAPSY has transferred its extended know-how and experience to the Android world.

Utilizing the SYNAPSY Android Wrapper Solution any Android application or game can be wrapped – and therefore equipped with extended innovative and useful features and service like

  • flexible pricing models (try-before-you-buy, pay-per-play, rental, game- and application flatrates) with in-app/game purchase mechanism
  • Operator/ Channel specific branding opportunities (e.g. customized splash-screens in corporate design of distribution channel)
  • Pre- and post-app/game menus in the look&feel of the channel with flexible menue elements
  • Embedding of static (hard-coded) or dynamic ads (utilizing SYNAPSY’s ad-server solution or 3rd party solutions)
  • Extended up-selling oppurtunities by embedding links to a channel’s mobile discovery channels, recommend alternative content within pre- and post menus or even by embedding On-device portal/ Application Store features into every single wrapped application or game

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