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Unique JarJacket wrapping technology to enhance Java ME games & applications +++NEW+++ NOW FOR ANDROID TOO +++NEW+++


SYNAPSY has detected a strong demand in a technology that uses Java ME (J2ME) games & applications as an additional marketing and sales instrument to attract more users for mobile services and gain additional revenue streams.

Based on this SYNAPSY has developed the unique JarJacket engine that is able to automatically equip almost any Java ME (J2ME) game or application with additional features – without having the source codes of the MIDlets!

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For what JarJacket can be used for:

Embed customizable channel specific pre- and post-game menus in any mobile game or application delivered to your customers with links to your retail channel (e.g. “more games”, “more games of this publisher”, “special promotions”, “video or music to this game”) or your mobile internet portal – use already installed games and applications as an additional marketing & sales channel, realize cross-promotions efficiently and increase the number of visitors on your mobile discovery channels

Realize Try-Before-Buy games and applications: Full versions of a mobile game or application can be adapted to a limited version with customizable initial trial periods (e.g. play one time, 5 minutes, 60 minutes,… for free) – after trial-period it’s possible to automatically offer your customers different licensing options like

  • “pay per play”,
  • “rent a game”
  • “subscription” (user can play as long he pays e.g. a monthly fee) or
  • “buy to own”

in order to realize the idea of in-game/-application “smart pricing”

Ordering of licenses including billing as well as DRM protected license key delivery can be realized as an “offline version” via SMS or as an “online version” by using the phones’ network connection - JarJacket licensing server ensures performant and secured delivery of license-keys

Example flow of a Java ME game enhanced by using the SYNAPSY JarJacket Engine - Implementation of Try-Before-Buy functionality including smart-pricing via JarJacket License environment and customized Pre-Game menu

Realize ad-funded/ supported games and applications: Ads can be implemented not only at start and exit of a game or application but also as an ad-break when playing a game and can be either implemented static with delivery of content or dynamically in combination with the SYNAPSY mobile ad-server infrastructure or 3rd party ad-server environments – implementation of:

  • Full screen banners
  • Video ads
  • Text ads
  • Interactive elements like “click to call”, “click to download”, “click to page”, “click to coupon”, voting, polling and rating

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