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Digital Rights Management for mobile content


It is the horrible scenario of content developers, the media industry or mobile network operators selling mobile content: 

Only one client pays, downloads a valuable content and shares it with all of his friends who don't spend any money for it.

SYNAPSY's digital rights management solutions, coming as a standard with the mobile content management & delivery solution prevents you from theft, your content from being forwarded to others without payment & helps you maximizing your ROI.

To realize this, SYNAPSY as a proud member of the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) is using the industry standards of the mobile arena OMA DRM 1.0 & OMA DRM 2.0. Sent or downloaded to a mobile phone your content is secured from being forwarded to other mobile phones without paying you money for it.

Main features & benefits:

  • Forward-lock: Once downloaded to a handset content cannot be forwarded anymore
  • Combined delivery: Prevents content from being forwarded plus integrates user keys for additional usage-features
  • Separate delivery: Opens the door to super-distribution concepts - usage keys will be delivered separately to the content - content can be forwarded to others but if they like to use the content a key has to be bought somewhere - this key will be delivered separately & already saved content can be used
  • Automated handset detection with detection of DRM capabilities: Sell content only to those mobile phones supporting digital rights management
  • Super distribution of mobile content: Users can recommend & forward great content to others - if they want to use it they need to buy a key
  • Try-and-buy fuctionalities: Like the known "shareware" in the PC world you are able to "tell" your content how long it can be tested without paying for it - in or after test period activation key can be bought & delivered to handset conveniently
  • Preview functionality for mobile music portals: Previews can be downloaded to & heard on mobile phones - but cannot be saved without paying for it
  • Running mobile content subscription services: As long as users pay for the service, content can be used
  • ...

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