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1: Mobiler Content und andere Professionelle Dienste
  ... Mitglied der Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) - schützt Ihren Content automatisch mit  DRM Mechanismen wie "Forward Lock", "Separate Delivery" oder "Combined Delivery", um die kostenfreie Weitergabe und Verteilung von heruntergeladenen Produkten zu verhindern. Anpassung und Entwicklung von mobilem Content Im ...

2: Secure content with Digital Rights Management (DRM...
  ... without paying you money for it. Main features & benefits: Forward-lock: Once downloaded to a handset content cannot be forwarded anymore Combined delivery: Prevents content from being forwarded plus integrates user keys for additional usage-features Separate delivery: Opens the door to ... Messaging Mobile Content JarJacket Engine Search tags drm digital rights management OMA DRM Open Mobile Alliance OMA 1.0 OMA 2.0 forward lock

3: Mobile content & content related professional serv...
  ... member of the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) - saves your content automatically with DRM mechanism like "Forward Lock", "Separate Delivery" or "Combined Delivery" as soon as it is downloaded to a customers mobile phone so that only those users can enjoy your content you have paid for it. Mobile Content ...

4: Schützen sie ihren Conten mit den Digital Rights M...
  ... Weiterleitung auf andere Geräte. Hauptmerkmale und Vorteile: Forward-lock: Einmal heruntergeladen kann ihr Content nicht weiterverteilt werden Combined Delivery: schützt Content vor Weiterleitung und integriert zusätzliche Nutzungs-Rechte für den jeweiligen Content Separate Delivery: Eröffnet die ... Typen Mobile Messaging Mobile Content Search tags DRM Digital Rights Management OMA DRM Open Mobile Alliance OMA 1.0 OMA 2.0 forward lock



Synapsy becomes a new provider for MTS Ukraine branded services

Just two weeks after signing the contract Synapsy Mobile Networks relaunched the branded games...  more

Synapsy Mobile Networks GmbH expands its content and content management services in the three areas of this business.

Technological area

Over more than twelve years in the mobile business, Synapsy...  more

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