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1: Automate content adaption & transcoding by SYNAPSY...
  ...   >  Automated Content Adaption     Automated adaptation of wallpapers & screensavers   There are hundreds of ... Producer Web interface is equipped with an image adaptation engine that automatically adapts a single master-size ... all that required formats pre-produced but the image adaptation engine as an essential part of the SYNAPSY Producer ...

2: Automatische Content Anpassung und Codeumwandlung
  ... sondern auch Expertenwissen abverlangt. Die Image Adaptation Engine, als essentieller Teil des SYNAPSY Producer ... einzeln, oder gepackt als .zip. Die SYNAPSY Image Adaptation Engine generiert alle benötigten Größen ... man die besten Resultate erzielt: Die SYNAPSY Image Adaptation Engine beschneidet Bildmaterial stets an den gleichen ... wie im folgenden Beispiel dargestellt: Search tags

3: Mobile content & content related professional serv...
  ... phone so that only those users can enjoy your content you have paid for it. Mobile Content Adaptation & Development There are hundreds of mobile handsets available - each with different ... & know-how can support you in bridging the gap between your existing content or ideas & the adaptation to the specific needs of mobile devices - no matter if you want to have mobile audio, video, ... tags content mobile content ringtones wireless distribution content development content

4: Development & management of mobile content portals...
  ... optimized & real-time administration of one or many discovery channels via easy to use webinterfaces Automated handset detection & content adaptation in mobile storefronts for almost all phones available Automated preview processing Implementation of almost all payment ways Extensive ... portals WAP xHTML iMode WML OrangeML VodafoneML discovery channels mobile payment mobile storefronts mobile portals mobile internet handset

5: SYNAPSY Mobile Content Management, Distribution & ...
  ... channels without limits. Main features & benefits Carrier-grade managed service Support of all mobile content types Cutting-edge mobile content adaptation Huge portfolio of ready to go mobile contents Work-flow optimized tools for all players on a mobile marketplace Centralized content storage ... Mobile Payment Search tags CMS mobile content management VAS content delivery solution mobile CDS mobile payment content aggregation content

6: Mobiler Content und andere Professionelle Dienste
  ... Adaption für möglichst viele mobile Endgeräte. Search tags content mobile content Klingeltöne wireless distribution Content Entwicklung content adaptation wireless content mobile media content aggregation Java games J2ME JavaME Applikationen mobile Applikationen content hosting Content Schutz DRM ...

7: SYNAPSY Mobile Content Management, Vertrieb und Ve...
  ... Mobile Payment Search tags CMS mobile content management VAS content delivery solution mobile CDS mobile payment content aggregation content adaptation content hosting mobile discovery channels content billing     Produkte & Dienste Mobile Applikationen Mobile Content Management und Versand ...



Synapsy becomes a new provider for MTS Ukraine branded services

Just two weeks after signing the contract Synapsy Mobile Networks relaunched the branded games...  more

Synapsy Mobile Networks GmbH expands its content and content management services in the three areas of this business.

Technological area

Over more than twelve years in the mobile business, Synapsy...  more

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