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Automated adaptation of wallpapers & screensavers


There are hundreds of different mobile phones in the market & many of them have different screen sizes. To offer the best possible user experience it is mandatory to offer mobile wallpapers & screensavers in all the required formats.

To ease the work of content providers & speed up their work, the SYNAPSY Producer Web interface is equipped with an image adaptation engine that automatically adapts a single master-size image to all the formats required by mobile handsets.

Background Information:

Just imagine the movie makers in a film studio. They need to make one single film that fits for different resolutions & proportions - usually 16:9 for theaters & the latest tv's as well as 4:3 for standard tv's where the 4:3 format is contained in the 16:9 format.

This is reached via "masking" when recording the film - the moviemaker has an "essential" (4:3) area that needs to contain everything that is "essential" for the scene & mustn't be cropped. Additionally the camera "catches" some more "information" on the left and right hand of the 4:3 image's borders - the result is the 16:9 resolution with some more space.

How SYNAPSY is using this experience:

In the mobile arena it is a little bit more difficult – in principle there are 3 different proportions of mobile handsets' screens:

  • square

  • landscape and

  • portrait

Additionally this 3 proportions need to be available when offering mobile wallpapers & screensavers in all the required sizes (in pixel) also!

Usually content producers need to provide all that required formats pre-produced but the image adaptation engine as an essential part of the SYNAPSY Producer Web interface provides a way to save time & money whilst concentrating of the core competencies of a content developer – the creativity!

How it works:

Each content provider gets its own SYNAPSY Producer Web Interface where still and animated images (as master files) can be uploaded either one by one or many ones at the same time packaged into a .zip directory via choosing the proper category.

The SYNAPSY Image Adaptation Engine generates all required image sizes with high speed & quality without any effort for the content provider, saves them in the SYNAPSY Media Server & assigns the resulting images also fully automatically to the right handsets (based on the information saved in the SYNAPSY Handset Repository).

How to reach the best results:

Based on the fact that the SYNAPSY Image Adaptation Engine always crops (without distort them for sure!) uploaded master files at the same points to result portrait, square & landscape formats it is possible that important parts of an image that does not follow the recommendations of SYNAPSY for image master files are cut off. So here are the recommendations:

1. The size of a master file image should be 640x640 to reach the best quality possible & to be prepared for larger screens that will come in the near future:

2. To result wallpapers & screensavers with landscape proportions, the system will crop the uploaded images on the top & the bottom as the following image shows:

3. To result wallpapers or screensavers with portrait proportions the system will crop the uploaded images on the right & left hand as the following image shows:

4. To result squared wallpapers or screensavers the uploaded squared master files will just be shrinked.


Provided you have the chance to do so please take care that the essential parts of your images are in the center & do not exceed the dimensions of 480x440 pixels as you can see her:

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