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Which value has a great mobile content if it doesn't reach your customers phone?! Because of this, one of the most important parts of mobile content offerings is the way & quality contents are delivered to mobile phones.

With its carrier approved standards conforming messaging & delivery interfaces, multiple connections to mobile carriers & providers as well as its extensive mobile device repository & detection SYNAPSY is able to provide you with all available transportation technologies fitting your very own needs & those of the content to be delivered to mobile handsets.

Transportation ways for e-Distribution of mobile content:

  • MMS (incl. optional automated SMIL container)
  • WAP-Push (incl. automated handset recognition)
  • Download (out of mobile portals incl. automated handset recognition)
  • SMS
  • Binary SMS

All content transportation technologies of SYNAPSY can be either used with the SYNAPSY Mobile Content Management & Delivery Solution or with your own or 3rd party CDS (content delivery solution) environments.

To save your contents from theft our system environment can automatically combine the content delivery with standards conforming digital rights mechanismn (DRM).

Using SYNAPSY's extensive & easy to use webbased transaction management & reporting tools you have 365/24 real-time control over your delivered contents inclusive delivery notifications as well as in-depth know how & reporting possibilities of handset models that have downloaded received your content.


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