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Development & management of portals & discovery channels


The SYNAPSY Mobile Content Management & Delivery Solution is strictly based on XML & Webservices - with this our customers & partners are 100% free in structuring & designing their own discovery channels in WEB, WAP & Print either by their own or by SYNAPSY's design & development team.

All storefronts running our solution can be sourced by either the ever growing amount of high quality mobile contents (games, video, audio (music, ringtones), applications or images) developed & aggregated by SYNAPSY or those of yourself or your own content partners.

An indiviualized structure, layout & design provided, the process for setting up one or more discovery channels normally only takes days.

Main features & benefits:

  • Convenient and fast setup of Web & WAP portals via XML interfaces & PHP SDK's
  • Easy integration into existing discovery channels or setup of new portals in your look&feel
  • Support of WML, XHTML, HTML, VodafoneML, OrangeML & iMode
  • Highest possible flexibility in relation to own selection & naming of content-types, categories & specials/ tops
  • Workflow optimized & real-time administration of one or many discovery channels via easy to use webinterfaces
  • Automated handset detection & content adaptation in mobile storefronts for almost all phones available
  • Automated preview processing
  • Implementation of almost all payment ways
  • Extensive real-time reporting, statistics & customer care interfaces for multiple users and user groups
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) implemented
  • Multilanguage support in backends & frontends
  • Campaign manager with easy content selection & ordercode activation with XML based interfaces to QuarkXpress & InDesign (for automated print advertisement processing)
  • Search functionality implemented
  • Send2friend/ send-a-gift functionaly implemented

Use SYNAPSY portal services for:

  • Integration of mobile content offerings into MNO's mobile portals
  • Building & running mobile content related WAP & Web channels with your own content or mix/ extend it with the huge content portfolio aggregated by SYNAPSY
  • Managing content offerings in print & TV campaigns conveniently
  • Integrating mobile content offerings into your marketing-mix

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