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Automated detection of mobile devices


Based on the fact that there is a huge variety of mobile phones/ mobile devices that are equipped with completely different features, capabilites & combinations of them when it comes to screen size, media types supported, download & DRM capabilites and many more, the SYNAPSY Mobile Content Management & Delivery Solution comes with an extended module for an automated detection of any mobile device in the market.

Without having an always up-to-date, flexible, easy and fast extensible handset recogition system in place it's likely that a mobile service platform does not detect a huge number of customers' handsets what leads to negative user experiences and potential losses.

Using device information of the SYNAPSY Handset Repository which is maintained & extended on a daily mode, it is possible to deliver the right content to any mobile device that accesses a mobile service powered by SYNAPSY & leads to a maximise user experience and ARPU.

Required for:

  • detecting handsets when they are accessing mobile portals
  • providing the correct mobile portal encoding and size for any phone (WML, xHTML, cHTML,...)
  • presenting only content which is available for a certain device
  • delivering only content that is compatible with a requesting phone (correct audio, video, image, game or application type)
  • taking care that only correct mobile content sizes and formats are delivered (correct wallpaper or video size,...)
  • securing mobile content with the correct DRM format (Digital Rights Management)

Until today (June 2010) the SYNAPSY Device Detection Module has successfully worked with more than 2,500 different devices of the world's most important handset vendors and with more than 35,000 unique UserAgents in order to provide perfect user experiences for mobile phone users.  

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