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Handset Repository


There are dozens of vendors & hundreds of phone models & thousands of software versions out there and most of them are different to each other one!

Some of the phones are equipped with landscape screens, some others have square or portrait displays. Some are able to play polyphonic ringtones but no true tones, which of the latest phones have 3D gaming capabilities & which encoding quality is mandatory for streaming live video to a certain handset,...?!!...

Without knowing exactly which features are supported by a certain handset it is definetely not possible to build up and run a professional mobile content service!

The Handset Repository of the SYNAPSY mCMS is equipped already with varified in-depth information about the different phones and its capabilities. It is maintained inhouse by our handset specialists, almost daily new ones will be added what makes this modul to the essential basement for a working handset detection.

The Facts

  • No need for you to take care of handset compatibility issues anymore
  • New phones & respective capabilities are integrated continuously
  • Each phone profile will be saved with the phones image & helps your customers select their model e.g. on your webpage
  • Most of the time a new phones profile is already in the system even before it is in the stores
  • Having a phones profile in the handset repository means having content available 

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