Title: Secure content with Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions by SYNAPSY

Digital Rights Management for mobile content


It is the horrible scenario of content developers, the media industry or mobile network operators selling mobile content: 

Only one client pays, downloads a valuable content and shares it with all of his friends who don't spend any money for it.

SYNAPSY's digital rights management solutions, coming as a standard with the mobile content management & delivery solution prevents you from theft, your content from being forwarded to others without payment & helps you maximizing your ROI.

To realize this, SYNAPSY as a proud member of the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) is using the industry standards of the mobile arena OMA DRM 1.0 & OMA DRM 2.0. Sent or downloaded to a mobile phone your content is secured from being forwarded to other mobile phones without paying you money for it.

Main features & benefits:

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