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SYNAPSY On-Device Portal Solution for Android

Android On-Device Portal (ODP)

Provide your customers an easily accessable and stunning user experience with this discovery and sales channel clients developed for any Android device


Even if almost any Android device has Google Play (Android Market) pre-installed, many Mobile Network Operators and Providers have the requirement to offer an own On-Device Portal/ Application Store branded in the channel’s look&feel and equipped with their services and features.

On-Device Portal clients for Android developed by SYNAPSY can be fully customized for a channel’s requirements in regard to design, language, pricing & billing, content selection and channel specific features & services.

Furthermore this solution is bringing back full control to Channel Managers over the experience users have, content offered and billing implemented in the service.

Like SYNAPSY’s On-Device Portal clients for JavaME, Symbian, Bada & Brew devices, the Android ODP interfaces directly with the SYNAPSY Mobile Content Management & Delivery Solution (CMS/ CDS) so that any content aggregated for the specific channel can be discovered and ordered via this ODP.

But there’s one unique and major difference between the Android ODP and versions for other platforms:

As SYNAPSY has also developed its Google Play (Android Market) Crawler, any content of this huge external market that contains tens of thousands of apps & games can be combined with a channel’s own content.

Doing so users can discover any content available in Google Play (Android Market) via a channel’s own On-Device Portal – the main advantages for Mobile Network Operators, Channels and cosumers are:

  • Own branded On-Device Portal with full control of all features, contents, assets and prices
  • Massively decrease effort for content acquisition and management but focus on key partnes & contents
  • Complement existing own content portfolio with (complete or selected) content from Google Play (Android Market)
  • Promote content items of their own choice by filling and sorting content within categories and specials

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