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SYNAPSY Content Aggregation

For its customers & partners SYNAPSY aggregates all types of content of the best & hottest content developers & publishers world-wide.

Doing this SYNAPSY prevents its clients from the huge complexity & high costs of aggregating content by their own - working together with SYNAPSY as your content aggregator means getting thousands of already aggregated mobile contents as well as the latest contents of the hottest brands for a maximized number of handsets from a single point of contact & contract.

With its Mobile Content Hub, SYNAPSY can offer you to get content (especially mobile games & applications) unified via only one single feed as well to source your own/ existing mobile content management & delivery solution - no matter if it's pre-aggregated content of SYNAPSY or you would "just" use SYNAPSY's Mobile Content Hub to outsource the aggregation job with YOUR OWN content partners in order to get their content with just one unified feed in the future.

Selection of developers & publishers SYNAPSY aggregates content from:

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