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On-device Portal Clients by SYNAPSY for Android, JavaME, Symbian, Bada and Brew devices

SYNAPSY offers cross platform On-device Portal (ODP) clients for Android, JavaME, Symbian, Bada and Brew devices. All client versions can be either pre-installed or offered as downloadable versions.

Main features:

OTA Updatable Catalog:

  • At start-up ODP can connect to SYNAPSY mCMS and request updated content (e.g. preview images, descriptions & prices of News, Recommendations, Top Downloads, Genre Updates,…)
  • ODP’s are conveniently managed by SYNAPSY’s admininstration Web interfaces and handled like other discovery channels in Web or WAP
  • As not each handset is compatible with any content (application or game) the SYNAPSY mCMS only delivers those updates to ODP’s that are available for accessing handsets for sure (similar to handsets accessing WAP pages managed by SYNAPSY)

Offline Content Discovery:

  • Downloaded updates will be stored in the devices record-stores and are available for discovery in offline-mode what leads to a highly convenient user experience that is not blocked by experiences often seen in WAP (“click-wait-see”)

Customizable UI including handset specific left/right soft-key and/or touch-screen compatibility

Content Ordering/ Download:

  • Applications/ games discovered in the ODP can be easily purchased and downloaded just by a button click
  • Doing so, ODP automatically makes an online-connect to SYNAPSY mCMS where required billing operations are performed and if successful download of handset specific content will be granted and download will be started on the device

“My Apps” Area:
Depending on the devices’ capabilities it is possible to implement a “My Apps” area.
Having this available, all applications or games purchased and downloaded by the ODP can be displayed together with the apps’/ games’ icon.  

Content Invocation:
Out of the “My Apps” area it’s possible to directly invoke/ launch games and applications downloaded by the ODP. When starting a game/application like this, the ODP will be automatically closed and the target app or game is started.
In the moment user exits the app/ game started before he can be sent back to the ODP where additional services/ downloads can be offered to stimulate additional purchases.

Advertisement/ Banner integration:
Utilizing SYNAPSY’s mobile ad-server solution it’s possible to embed targeted ads into the ODP’s menu structure.

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