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Mobile marketing services & solutions

How many people do you know who do not have a mobile phone?

For most people their mobile phone is their daily companion. Around the clock. Everywhere they stay or move. And the mobile phone is already far more than just a tool for calling other people!

Based on this, mobile handsets are the ideal way for your business to get in touch with your target customers and realize successful mobile marketing services & campaigns.

Using the approved & highly flexible services & solutions as well as the in-depth experience of SYNAPSY you are able to reach millions of customers via integrating mobile services into your marketing-mix & excite your audience with innovative mobile marketing services.

With SYNAPSY Mobile Marketing Services & Solutions easily realize:

  • Direct-Response activities: Enhance your classical communication & ads in print, radio or tv with interactive response elements using inbound sms-, mms- or voice-numbers
  • Send individualized mobile text messages via SMS or emotional MMS with images, videos & audio elements to transport your marketing message to your existing pool of phone numbers or let SYNAPSY help building up your own pool of MSISDN's (SYNAPSY Outbound Messaging)
  • Incentivate your customers with mobile "goodies" such as ringtones, wallpapers, games, videos,... using the SYNAPSY Mobile Content Management & Delivery Solution
  • Enable your audience to order additional information like catalogs just via sending a keyword with a simple SMS when noticing your traditional ads using the innovatice & patented SYNAPSY SMS-Order
  • Offer a mobile newsletter service & reach your customers wherever they might be via SMS and MMS
  • Give your products additional value via On-Pack-Promotion codes that can be sent by your customers via SMS & let them win attractive prices
  • Integrate target advertisement in mobile portals (WAP/ mobile internet)
  • Position your mobile marketing messages/ branding into mobile games (in-game-advertisement)
  • ...

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