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Mobile Messaging

Let your messages reach hundreds of mobile networks & hundreds of million mobile subscribers world-wide via a single connection to the SYNAPSY Mobile Messaging infrastructure or receive SMS & MMS via nationally homogeneous shortnumbers (short-codes/ short-id's).

No matter if you just want to send out individualized newsletters via SMS or MMS to your customers or you have the need to connect to a single performant interface for sending messages into hundreds of international networks whilst saving money through least cost routing capabilities & gain the highest possible reliability, SYNAPSY is your single source of services for your messaging requirements:

Receive messages via a single interface from different international networks

Receive messages

Interactive mobile services require ways for your audience to respond to your communication in print, radio, tv,.... SYNAPSY inbound messaging services providing you with short- & longnumbers in many countries with standard & premium pricing. learn more...

Send messages via a single connection into international networks

Send messages

SYNAPSY mobile outbound messaging services connect you to the world of mobile messaging. With only one connection you can reach the world's mobile subscribers with your text or content messages via SMS, MMS or WAP-Push whilst saving ressources, time & money. learn more...

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