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Receive mobile messages via SYNAPSY Inbound Services

Receiving mobile messages (SMS, MMS, Email, USSD) with a high reliability & maximized performance from users of different networks - nationally & internationally - is essential for running interactive mobile services.

As your full service provider SYNAPSY helps you in this important field with:

  • Multiple connections to national & international mobile operators & providers
  • Offering exclusive & shared (non-exclusive) shortnumbers
  • Premium rated (premium sms/ premium mms) & base priced shortnumbers
  • Longnumbers (msisdn's) to receive messages from international customers via one single number
  • SMTP interfaces for receiving mobile originated (MO) messages also via email
  • Flexible keyword setup & routing tools with self-service interfaces
  • Easy to use admin webinterfaces with real-time access to transactions & flexible reporting tools

SYNAPSY Inbound Messaging Services can be either combined with the ready-to-go & highly flexible SYNAPSY Mobile Applications or messages can be transmitted in real-time to your own technical infrastructure via easy to connect standard interfaces.

Examples where to use the SYNAPSY Inbound Messaging Services:

Response SMS & MMS from:

  • On-Pack promotions
  • Interactive TV & Radio shows
  • Gambling services
  • SMS & MMS votings
  • Chat services
  • Product & service orderings (m-commerce)
  • ...

User driven messages for:

  • User generated content platforms & services (e.g. mobile video/ image/ audio/ text sharing)
  • "Eye-witness" or "mobile reporter" services
  • Product & service orderings (m-commerce)
  • Live ticker in TV or radio via SMS & MMS
  • ...

Standard interfaces: HTTP/ HTTPS, SMPP, SMTP, UCP, MM7, EAIF

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