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03.01.12 07:50 Age: 12 yrs

SYNAPSY introduces service for App submissions in record time

German provider of Content Delivery Solutions & Services SYNAPSY reduces submission time & effort for App developers and publishers to a minimum, invites all Android developers to join and try out the service for free and reach hundreds of million additional users outside the Google Android Market™

Germany, January 3, 2012: Most App developers have a simple rule: As many downloads with as few administrational effort as possible. Global channels like Apple's AppStore™ or Google's Android Market™ almost perfectly understood this and were able to attract tens of thousand App developers around the globe.

But most of the leading VAS channels of the past were not able to rethink and enhance their partially difficult and time consuming submission requirements until today what lead to the loss of their attractiveness for publishers as the costs of submission are too high compared to the potential success rates - on the other side the lack of a steady flow of fresh Apps also lead to the loss of attractiveness for their users.

With the new Publisher Service for Android, SYNAPSY supports development studios and publishers by cutting down the efforts to a minimum: "We had the target to offer the world's fastest, easiest and most convenient App submission service for Android developers. We think to have reached the goal and - after having performed a beta with about 100 developers in stealth mode - are pleased to announce today: "Every developer of Android applications and games who wants to reach additional millions of users outside Google's Android Market™ can signup for free and try out our brand new service via right away." says André Freier, Managing Partner of SYNAPSY and adds: "We are saving developers a lot of time and money as an average App submission only takes 2-3 minutes because developers just need to upload their Apps' .apk and in the majority of cases our service is doing the rest - automatically."

Automatically means:

  • uploaded .apk files are analyzed and compatible target devices are assigned by the service itself
  • it's not required to do manual handset, platform or screen size assignments anymore.
  • if the system detects that an uploaded .apk is available in the Google Android Market™ the developer can use the meta assets like descriptions in different languages or preview images and videos he has uploaded there already just by clicking a button
  • no need for filling out something manually, no need for respecting any specific submission guidelines

The service is open as of today for all publishers with free or paid applications, games or themes for Android via and will be extended with additional innovative features like monetization or social tools soon.

SYNAPSY offers and distributes Apps collected via this new service to its current and future channel partners and their customers on all continents.

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