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31.10.14 11:17 Age: 10 yrs

Synapsy Mobile Networks GmbH expands its content and content management services in the three areas of this business.

Technological area

Over more than twelve years in the mobile business, Synapsy has the experience to provide a modern service architecture and satisfies the end users' high demands nowadays. The key facts of this solution are:
•  mobile content management and delivery system
•  integration with carrier billing
•  all possible frontend stores: WAP, mobile WEB, On-Device-Portal client, WEB for both downloading and on-line content access;
•  covering content for all devices: Android, iPhone, Tablets, Java, Windows Mobile, Blackberry
•  several business models: subscription, pay-per-download, ad-funded

In this way the company has implemented all possible interfaces for users with any devices and supports all possible business models for carriers.

Content types area

Based on the direct contracts with publishers, Synapsy has games and apps portfolio of more than 50.000 items. The decision to extend the portfolio with e-books and audio books for the mobile users aims to attract new customers from other user segment.

Geographical area

Recently Synapsy has launched turnkey content service solutions in emerging markets. By focusing on emerging markets, Synapsy expands it's operation to Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. For those MNOs Synapsy offers an all-round carefree service package to get them into the value chain and ARPU increase. Over the couple of next weeks Synapsy will pronounce several new carrier and distribution partners.

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